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Remote System Monitoring

Your home network, smart technology and entertainment systems have been simplified with a system monitoring tool that lets us find and address problems before they wreak havoc on your system. With so many moving parts in a connected home or business, it’s important for our technicians to be able to actively monitor all your components in order to track down problems, come up with solutions, and install any necessary upgrades.

We have invested in the top monitoring equipment from ihiji so we can sign into your system to remotely monitor and manage your components and network connection. This proactive approach will save you money by limiting the amount of service calls and expediting those that do need to take place. You’ve invested so much into your home’s technology, why not invest in its future? Our system monitoring solutions are there for you 24/7 to ensure your system is optimized, reliable, and ready to thrive for years to come.


24/7 Diagnosis and Repair

System monitoring is a proactive maintenance approach for your devices, panels and network connectivity. From our Logic Monitoring station we do off-site monitoring of your entire system so that we can recognize possible issues quickly to reduce the number of repairs or downtime.

Here’s how it works: The ihiji appliance connects to your network router and scans your home for all connected devices. Once we’ve chosen the IP devices we want to manage, we configure alerts if the status on any of them changes. With secure remote access, we can handle many repairs remotely.


Software Upgrades

When clients complain about issues with their smart technology, the problem usually doesn’t have to do with their devices but rather network connectivity issues or software upgrades. As part of our remote system monitoring, we get alerts when software updates are available and we can install them remotely.

There are a few reasons that you want to ensure that your devices are always running on the latest software. First and foremost, most software upgrades (especially to network devices) address important security risks so an updated home means a protected home. You can also ensure reliable communication among devices if they’re all running on the latest software.

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Expedited Service Calls

With many on-site service calls, technicians spend most of their time trying to diagnose a problem rather than resolving it. With remote monitoring services, that important diagnosis component can take place remotely to expedite on-site service calls.

Through our system monitoring tools, we can recognize problems as soon as they occur. Many of these can be resolved remotely; for those that can’t be, a remote diagnosis lets us come prepared with the right tools to get to work immediately once we arrive. If necessary, we can even order any necessary parts before making the trip to your home.

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Client Care Program

To better safeguard the health of your technology system, we recommend you sign up for our Client Care Program. This includes all of our remote system monitoring services as well as access to a dedicated service staff for preemptive service maintenance and unlimited phone and on-site support.

Our Client Care Packages offer a direct return on investment by reducing the amount of service calls, repairs and downtime your system will experience in the future. From preemptive annual maintenance calls to proactive remote diagnosis and repair, our team can expand your system’s reliability and lifespan.