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System Documenation

Unlike many custom integration firms, we don’t outsource the most important part of the job. All engineering and design tasks are done by our in-house CTS certified technicians. One of the benefits of having a one-stop shop for design, engineering, and service is that you can deal with consistent and reliable documentation. Having the right documentation in place, whether its new constructions or as-built documentation for a retrofit, ensures that everyone from builders to architects are on the same page.

We use CAD and 3D modeling tools to create an overview of your project from the design phase all the way through completion. Throughout this page you can see examples of documents we’ve designed to see what a properly-engineered system really looks like. You can also check out our picture galleries to see the finished products. In this page we’ll discuss the different types of documentation that we offer and how they help us build efficient and reliable smart technology and AV systems in your home or business.

Pre Sales Design   Visit Denver   Equipment Racks
Pre Sales Design   Visit Denver   Pre Sales Diagram
Pre Sales Design   Visit Denver   Rack Elevations

Pre-Sales Designs

More than anything, it’s important that we are on the same page with our clients from the start. After we’ve conducted a thorough discovery to see what you want out of your system, our pre-sales engineer team will prepare designs to present to you.

These pre-sales designs serve as a business proposal suggesting what services and products would work best in your system. Our sales team will sit down with you to review the designs to ensure that they meet all your requirements while staying within the desired budget.

System Engineering1
System Engineering2
System Engineering3

System Engineering

All of our systems are engineered and thoroughly documented before any construction or wiring infrastructure takes place. Communication is easier between builders, architects and technology integrators when there’s a clear delineation of where wiring, devices, AV niches, and more are located.

Our system engineering does not end with simply providing a floorplan to an architect or builder. We consult with all team members throughout the installation process to ensure that all work matches the initial documentation.

As Built1
As Built2
As Built3

As-Built Documentation

If we are working on a retrofit home or changes are made to the initial engineering documentation, as-built documentation will be provided to the client. This document includes redlines showcasing where all the changes were made.

All change annotations include in-depth notes showing where the change was made and why. Having up-to-date documentation that matches what was built rather than what was proposed is valuable to have in the future for maintenance and service calls.


Service and Support Documentation

Having an extensive documentation history will come in handy when you want to do routine maintenance to your system. Our technicians will be able to pull up your documents to know where all devices are installed and how they should be functioning so it’s easier to resolve problems.

Needed upgrades can be proposed and faulty parts can be replaced quickly with as-built documentation that includes the make and model for each component. With a document that showcases how all components work together, it’s also easier to find the best ways to expand in the future.