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Easily operate all of your home’s smart technology from a single device.


Crestron brings your idea of home to life. Inviting and comfortable. Entertaining and secure. Made possible with smart home technology that is intuitive and simple.

Modern technology has come such a long way that these days you can control almost any electrical appliance in your home with the touch of a button. A crestron remote control lighting system enables you to control any and all lights throughout your home -- both interior and exterior -- remotely with just the touch of a button. Using a remote control lighting system designed and installed by Logic Integration, you can turn lights on or off, raise or lower lighting levels, and set scenes anywhere in your home from any room in your home.


There are many applications for home lighting automation. Remote control lighting systems used to be mainly for commercial use, but lighting control systems are rapidly growing in popularity for residential use, especially for larger homes, those with sophisticated home theaters, and those with extensive grounds, a pool area and pool house, tennis courts, and other out buildings. There are now a wide variety of residential remote control lighting systems on the market from relatively simple to intricate and complex. A “whole-house” light control system that operates from a central control such as Crestron lighting control can be updated with software, oftentimes it can even be done remotely, saving the cost of a service call so that lighting scenes can be set by the user without the need of a programmer or the installer to come back.


One of the biggest benefits from lighting control systems is their programmability. You can design how you want your lights to behave based on time of day, motion, security, mood, and many other factors. For example, with a light control system you can program your lights to automatically turn on when you enter the house or turn off when you leave. You can program a lighting design consistent with a relaxing evening, a late night party, a holiday dinner or anything else you can think of. Of course, you could adjust the lighting levels in each room manually, but that takes time, especially in a large home with many rooms and different areas being used for different things.


Light control systems can help homeowners save money by increasing energy efficiency and turning off lights that are not being used. It’s so easy for family members to neglect to turn off the lights when leaving a room, but with a light control system, lights can be programmed to turn off automatically when motion hasn’t been detected for a given time period of time. Turning off lights that aren’t needed -- especially in large or expensively lit rooms -- can translate into hundreds of dollars in energy savings annually. Additionally, light control systems that operate using a portable remote also keep you from having to go back upstairs or downstairs when you forget to turn off a light. The convenience and energy savings of home lighting automation is significant.


Another important aspect of remote control lighting systems is security. A dark house or a house with unchanging lights left on can signal that no one is home. But lighting automation enables homeowners to program lights to come on or off – or even dim – throughout the home at varying hours and in varying patterns that mimic an occupied house.


Home View is an automated system that gives you the ability to see your home or business in real time by the use of a simple touch panel. Do you want to know what lighting is currently on? How about the temperature of any room? Perhaps you want to set music in a room or in several rooms at once for entertaining, or turn on a system-wide lighting scene. With Home View these features and more are available. With a Home View system, simply pull up your floor plan to view, and all the information and control is at your fingertips. From energy monitoring and power saving, to making sure all the lights are off before bed, Home View is a stress-free tool. It offers all the power and control you could ever need, with the ease of use to give you a relaxed technological experience. In the ever advancing world of technology, Home View gives you the edge you’ve been looking for! For more information about Home View or any other home automation, audio or video technologies, call Logic Integration today. 303-484-8237, 888-725-9165 or contact us.