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Why Technology Should Be Included in the Construction Plan

Proper planning and implementation of AV & IT will help your business realize the best possible outcomes

Why Technology Should Be Included in the Construction Plan

AV/IT plays an increasingly important role in our day-to-day operations. Businesses depend on technologies to communicate and collaborate both internally and with their customers. Technologies connect us to the Internet of Things (IoT) and integrate our systems to work together. They gather data and help us disseminate and act upon it, making our technologies even more effective. Technologies are essential to our daily workflow and operations and are a vital part of our business strategy. So, why are they often overlooked in the design and planning phase of a project?

How Acoustical Treatments Enhance Experience and Aesthetics

Custom panels absorb unwanted noise while complementing the room’s decor

How Acoustical Treatments Enhance Experience and Aesthetics

Listen! What do you hear? If you’re trying out a new restaurant for an intimate, fine-dining experience, are you able to comfortably have a conversation or is the space vibrating with chatter and clanking plates? When attending a conference, are you able to clearly hear the keynote speaker and effectively network during the social? Have you stepped outside of a mall, arena or airport, relieved at the reduced noise level? Sound is a critical factor in how we experience a space, yet it is often completely overlooked in the room’s design.

MDU Automation: Prepping Your Space for Technology

Lay the Groundwork for Smart Systems

MDU Automation: Prepping Your Space for Technology

There’s no denying that homeowners are looking for technology-ready properties.

And in a metropolitan area like Denver, CO, few have access to individual properties. Many stay in multiple dwelling units, like apartment buildings.

If you want to draw potential homeowners or renters to your MDU, you’re going to need to offer them what they want. Namely: automation.

In this blog, we’ll explore why laying the groundwork for MDU automation is one of the most important steps to running a successful property.

Taking the Real Estate Market by Storm

Taking the Real Estate Market by Storm
Are you part of the 25 percent of people who own some kind of smart home product? If not, you’ve probably at least heard about smart home technology like Amazon’s Alexa, if not seen its latest Super Bowl commercial. What you might not have heard is that this smart home technology is completely changing the real estate industry. In fact, artificial intelligence (like Alexa) and other smart home technology can actually increase the resale value of most homes – which is unsurprising considering that more and more Millennials are buying homes and interested in smart, connected devices.